Earth from space

They say it’s the blackness that gets to you. Facing away, all you see is black. The stars are fiction. But I found the black to be a chasm to dump my thoughts and dreams, for when I finally make planet-fall again. What’s jarring is that moment when a crescent of blue enters the bottom frame of your porthole. Strapped immobile and forced to think about our crimes, we stare until we earn planet-fall or burn to ash in the atmosphere. It’s that bluish green slice of hope that’s the true horror. It shows us what we want the most.

Copyright 2022 BronMcD

“Sliver” first appeared on bronmcd.com

Photo by Richard Gatley on Unsplash

Story notes

I wrote “Sliver” while trying to write a Drabble-per-day in April 2022. I nearly succeeded, but the final 7 Drabbles connected into a longer story, exploding the model. Sentence fragments everywhere.


BronMcD is the pen name of a science fiction writer and weirdo living outside Philadelphia. Not outside, like the suburbs, but outside like a dimensional rift that appeared during the Spectrum demolition. There is a bronmcd.com website where I have more trouble with Drabbles.

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