The Gargoyle’s Patience


Every night’s the same. The lights turn off, one by one, until there is nothing but a single spotlight above my cage. They use the light to stop me from ripping their heads off. I stare at them with my stony eyes, a sneer of hatred etched on my face. They won’t keep me here forever.

Because one night, their lights will fail. Maybe from a power outage, maybe from a lightbulb that finally burns out. I can’t wait. Because on that day, I will turn from stone to flesh. And they will scream for mercy that they don’t deserve.

Copyright 2022 Kailey Alessi

Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash

Story notes

I always love to play around with how the same thing can cause completely different reactions in characters. In this story, the humans find safety in the lights, while the gargoyle finds hatred.

Kailey Alessi

Kailey Alessi has lived in Michigan, Kentucky, and most recently, Idaho. An anthropology graduate student by day, by night she writes disturbing fiction. She can be found online at kaileyalessi.com.

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